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2008-01-21 11:08:22 by ThunderBass

First early 2005 started Dj ThunderBass with music making, when he first started he used programs like Audacity, Magix Music Maker.
But that were to lame to use, so Dj ThunderBass heard from a friend that another produser used Fl Studio or Fruityloops. When he first open Fruityloops he go like "WTF!". And for several days in the week, and for several weeks in the month Dj ThunderBass worked on Fruityloops, and made some beats and bad melodys. September 2005 Dj ThunderBass Stopped all producing because of the bad comments on the bad songs.
But in February 2006 he started up even harder then he used to!, Now he worked more and more with Fruityloops, and by 4-5 months of hard work he finnaly manage to make his first "Remix" of a song called "Everybody dance now", This song was and will not be released.

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2008-02-04 22:09:44

Very good. is good that u know people who gave you so much help.


2008-08-15 06:26:13

I think that it's retarded that people left bad comments on your bad songs. Upon reading this you were using something new that you were not use to. And instead of trying to see that you were working on your craft they bashed at it. I love your track "time is ticking" my fav from you actually.

Everyone has to start somewhere, no one is going to be perfect at something new that they do the first time around.

~DJ Dark Cloud